Hi, I'm Di :) I'm a 19 year old girl living in the middle of nowhere, but, dreaming of the city. This is my personal blog so I will finally have a place to talk about myself, interests and share pictures with the world! I'm chubby and proud, if big girls aren't your thing that's fine but keep it to yourself. I love animals, plants and art of all sorts. I'm also an advocate for happiness so all gays, transgenders, cross dressers and people of all races are welcome on this blog :) I plan on pursuing a career in special effects and runway makeup. Don't be shy, I love asks and meeting new people! Also I always follow back 100% :) Thanks for stopping by!

- Di

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This was originally supposed to be a post about the boogeyman (top gif), but I stumbled upon more of Duane Michel’s sequence photography, and they took my breath away. 

by ɐlice
looks like my grandma’s garden in Soweto



animals with albinism - imgur.com

and its opposite - melanism

all these fucking shinies but i still cant get one
Different Types of Opals


Andamooka Rough Opal

Black Opal

Boulder Opal

Fossilized Opal

Ocean Opal

Raw Fire Opal

Tree Fossil with Opal Rings




These Fabulous Swimsuits Are Designed Specifically for Breast Cancer Survivors
 And they’re modelled by some seriously glam women.